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Docking Station with Antenna for Globalstar GSP-1700



Docking station with external antenna for Globalstar GSP-1700 satellite phones.

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Globalstar GSP-1700 Docking Station with Antenna

Globlastar GIK-1700 Docking StationGIK-1700

Globalstar 1700 Installation Kit with Docking Station and Antenna provides in vehicle or vessel operation including hands-free usability of the Globalstar GSP-1700 handheld satellite phone. The GSP-1700, sold separately, easily clips into the installation kit housing.

Phone NOT included.

Antenna cable included with docking station is 18ft long. If you need a longer cable, please select an antenna cable extension from the drop-down selections. Please note that the MP (magnetic patch) antenna has a fixed antenna cable length and cannot be extended.

Electrical Requirement:
1`2 VDC nominal input voltage

RF Power Output
9.794 watts maximum (+19.0 dBm)

Dimensions (Cradle)
16.92 cm H x 7.22 cm W x 5.79 cm D

Compatible Equipment

Globalstar GSP-1700

Antenna Options for Globalstar Docking Station GIK-1700


Which Globalstar antenna will work best for you depends mostly on your setup. If you are in a vehicle, or in a large steel boat with a grounding plane, the Globalstar magnetic patch antenna (GAT-17MP) will work well, as will the Globalstar magnetic helix antenna (GAT-17HX).

For marine installations, we strongly recommend the Globalstar pole-mounted helix antenna (GAT-17MR). This antenna provides superior reception and call retention while sturdily attached to your boat.


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