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Addvalue Inmarsat Fleet One


Cost-efficient satellite broadband internet with affordable equipment and easy installation.

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Inmarsat Fleet One Satellite Terminal

The Addvalue Inmarsat Fleet One is an affordable broadband satellite communications solution designed with the leisure and fishing markets in mind. With Fleet One you have the power of the Inmarsat network with very affordable airtime prices within a large “home zone.”

The Fleet One has max speeds of 100kbps, one dedicated phone line, and reliable coverage for leisure and fishing vessels.

Addvalue manufacturers popular Inmarsat satellite terminals like the Wideye Sabre 1 and Skipper FX 150 FleetBroadband system. Addvalue systems are a popular choice for their affordability and ease of installation.


Inmarsat Fleet One: “What’s In the Box?”

The Inmarsat Fleet One terminal includes:
Antenna unit
Belowdecks unit
Wired handset
10m antenna cable
1m Power cable (10-32V DC input)
CD-ROM with e-manual
Printed Quickstart Guide

Why Choose Fleet One?

Sailor Fleet One Marine Fishing Satellite Broadband


With its low airtime pricing available for most coastal fishing areas, the Fleet One is a great choice for fishing vessels. Ranging more than 100 miles offshore in many areas in the US will still allow for Fleet One’s inexpensive “Home Region” airtime and allow fishing fleets the capability to stay connected while out of the range of cellular and WiFi.

You don’t have to commit to a lengthy contract and there is ability to suspend outside of fishing seasons. Alternatively competitive rates are available on a pre-paid voucher with no commitment required. It makes global voice and data easily accessible enabling you to achieve greater operational efficiency and increase crew welfare while keeping the costs of communications affordable.

Sailor Fleet One Satellite Internet for Cruisers

Recreational Cruisers

For recreational cruisers, the Fleet One offers some of the most affordable satellite broadband connectivity on the planet. While in the “Home Region,” airtime pricing and data speeds allow for web-browsing, email, and social media updates – all allowing you to stay connected with those back home without breaking the bank.

Fleet One supports Inmarsat’s unique ‘505’ safety service, which in an emergency routes you directly to a MRCC. This means that in one phone call you can alert the safety services of your position and nature of distress, by reassuringly speaking to the Search and Rescue Services knowing that assistance will be sent.

Fleet One Airtime Options

Fleet One airtime offers some of the most affordable satellite airtime rates in the industry. Make sure to carefully check the coverage map for Fleet One airtime, as pricing varies widely between the “Home Region” and “Out of Region” zones.

Fleet One SIM Card
Fleet One Postpaid Airtime: Standard Plan
Inmarsat Fleet One Prepaid Airtime: 50 Units

FleetBroadband Comparison Chart

Addvalue Inmarsat Fleet One
Addvalue Fleet One
Cobham Sailor Fleet One
Cobham Fleet One
Skipper FX 150
Skipper FX 150
Sailor FleetBroadband 150
Sailor 150
Sailor FleetBroadband 250
Sailor 250
Sailor FleetBroadband 500
Sailor 500
Standard IP Up to 100kbps Up to 100kbps Up to 150kbps Up to 150kbps Up to 284kbps Up to 432kbps
Streaming IP 8, 16, 32, 64, 128kbps 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256kbps
ISDN 64kbps
Voice 4kbps AMBE+2 4kbps and digital 3.1kHz audio
Fax Group 3 fax via 3.1kHz audio
SMS Standard 3G (up to 160 characters)
DC Input Range +10.8V to +31.2V +10.5V to +32V +10.8V to +31.2V +10.5V to +32V +10.5V to +32V +10.5V to +32V
Power (Max) 100 W 120 W 150 W 120 W 150 W 150 W
Diameter 11.6″ (29.4 cm) 10.8″ (27.5 cm) 12.6″ (31.9 cm) 10.8″ (27.5 cm) 13″ (32.92 cm) 23.8″ (60.5 cm)
Height 9″ (22.8 cm) 11.5″ (29.1 cm) 10.9″ (27.7 cm) 11.5″ (29.1 cm) 10.9″ (27.56 cm) 24.8″ (63 cm)
Weight 10.6 lbs (4.8 kg) 8.6 lbs (3.9 kg) 6.6 lbs (3 kg) 8.6 lbs (3.9 kg) 8.6 lbs (3.9 kg) 35 lbs (16 kg)
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Fleet One Technical Specs

Please feel free to see the full technical sheet and brochure for the Addvalue Fleet One here.

APPROVALS Inmarsat Fleet One approved.
Compliant R&TIE, IEC 60945: 2000
Certification: FCC, CE, IC
DC input range (isolated) +10.8V to +31.2V
Power (max) 100W
Ambient Temperature -25 to +55°C
Storage -40 to +80°C
Operating humidity 95% non-condensing at +40°C
ADU Enclosure IP56
BDU enclosure IP44
ADU TNC, female
BDU TNC, female
Standard IP Up to 100 kbps
Streaming IP
SMS (standard 3G) 160 characters
Standard Voice 4 kbps AMBE+2
Ethernet/PoE 1 port
Phone (RJ11) 1 port
Primary Handset Connector RJ45
GPS Output Connector NMEA-0183
SIM card slot 1 SIM Card slot for Fleet One SIM card

Sailor Fleet One Satellite Airtime

Fleet One airtime comes in both prepaid and postpaid plans. Please check the coverage maps to determine how your airtime might be consumed.

Fleet One SIM Card
Fleet One Postpaid Airtime: Standard Plan
Inmarsat Fleet One Prepaid Airtime: 50 Units

Fleet One “Home Region” Coverage Map

The coverage area for Fleet One airtime is very important in assuring you are getting affordable airtime rates. On the following map, the green areas indicate “Home Region” airtime. “Out of Region” airtime is still available for the rest of the Inmarsat coverage map, but will be much more expensive than “Home Region” rates.

Fleet One Coverage Map

Fleet One “Out Of Region” Coverage Map

When not in the “home region” for Fleet One airtime, you will fall into the general Inmarsat coverage map. The coverage area for Inmarsat airtime encompasses a large portion of the earth. Inmarsat’s satellites are geo-stationary above the earth’s equator and offer good coverage up to 70° latitude. Because the satellites are stationed above the equator, you may need to position your satellite phone’s antenna in the direction of the satellite from your location in order to get a signal.

Inmarsat Coverage Map


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