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Prepping for the Fall Leisure Cruising Season

Prepping for the Fall Leisure Cruising Season

Cell booster usage in coastal cruising anchorage

Cruisers understand the beauty of autumn in the Southeast. It’s a truly special time of year. Along the Atlantic and Gulf coastline mornings are cool, afternoons mild and the transition of foliage color is magical.

As you move inshore, it’s time to evaluate your vessel’s communication hardware and services. Coastal cruising may not require the satellite services once used during the offshore season. Here is a collection of hardware and services Global Marine Networks recommends for the fall coastal cruising season. We guarantee it will save you airtime costs and keep you connected.

GMN Recommended Marine Cell Booster

The GMN Recommended Marine Cell Booster gives you GSM cellular coverage on your boat up to 20 miles offshore. The SureCall Fusion2Go paired with the marine antenna gives you full repeated coverage of your smartphone voice and data plan. We offer 3G  or the optional 4G LTE modem to give you all the strongest coverage map to stream Netflix, Facetime, text and call from your mobile device. The GMN Recommended Marine Cell Booster starts at $619.




Halo Long Range WiFi Extender System

Long Range WiFiThe RedPort Halo Long Range WiFi Extender System gives you better WiFi coverage. The Halo takes a weak Wi-Fi signal and powerfully boosts it so you can access it from much farther away. It’s a common problem: you’re at a marina or on the hook and while there is free (or inexpensive) Wi-Fi available, it doesn’t extend past the first dock from the office. Setting up the RedPort Halo Long Range Wi-Fi Extender on your boat means that you can capture that same Wi-Fi signal and use it – even up to miles away. You can even have multiple smartphones, computers or tablets working at once for families, friends or work situations. The Halo system starts at $399.

XGate Satellite Phone & Email Services

XGate Satellite EmailXGate is a state-of-the-art data compression service that delivers email, PredictWind Lite, web, and social media – right over your satellite or smart-phone. XGate is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. XGate uses only 5% of the data of a standard email program, on average. That means you save up to 95% on data consumption compared to using your email without XGate. Best of all you can use your existing Gmail or Outlook email address and forward all of your mail. Try a 3 day demo of XGate today

PredictWind: Marine Weather & Wind Forecasting Software

XGate complete offshore weather with PredictWindPredictWind: Marine Weather & Wind Forecasting Software is simply the best weather and wind forecasting software with full GRIB file viewer and requester, weather routing, departure planning, and more. Used by tens of thousands of users worldwide, PredictWind is a world leader in marine weather and wind software. With weather routing, PredictWind will calculate the fastest route or the most comfortable route for your boat using the high-resolution on 1km-8km or the global 50km resolution forecasts. The comfortable route allows you to avoid sailing upwind in strong winds. You decide your tolerance level, and the PredictWind routing algorithm will do its best to avoid these areas. Departure Planning  will summarize the wind conditions you will receive if you left on Day1, Day2, Day3, or Day4. Drag the start and destination waypoints on the Google Map, the weather routing algorithm will calculate the fastest route (avoiding the land) and summarize the forecast wind data for the next 4 days of departure. PredictWind Lite is complimentary with a minimum 3-month subscription of XGate or 3-month standard plans start at $99.

Fall coastal cruising should not break the bank. With these simple solutions, you will invest in hardware that will save you money but remain valuable assets for years ahead. Should you have any questions or need fall crusing communications consultation please feel free to get in touch with one of our top-notch satellite communications experts at or by calling us at 865-379-8723.


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