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Potential IsatPhone Pro Airtime Price Increase!

Potential IsatPhone Pro Airtime Price Increase!

IsatPhone Pro Airtime IncreaseIsatPhone airtime is currently one of the most affordable satellite airtime on the market. At about $1 a minute, with very low increments available (starting at 25 units – or 25 minutes), the airtime is a great way to keep connected almost everywhere on the planet.

But will it increase in early fall of 2014? 

Nothing can stay low forever. Rumors have Inmarsat increasing pricing by as much as 30% later on this year. Currently, Inmarsat’s IsatPhone voice minutes translate roughly as 1 unit = $1. 

How to beat the system: Get your IsatPhone airtime and activate it while you still have access to their great per-minute pricing! 

Check out the Inmarsat IsatPhone airtime here and get the savings before its too late. 


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