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RedPort Glow Offers Perfect Satellite Communication for the Leisure Cruiser

RedPort Glow Offers Perfect Satellite Communication for the Leisure Cruiser

Once you join the leisure cruising lifestyle, you never go back. From coastal cruising to the great loop, beginners and veteran boaters alike are drawn to the peace and tranquillity of the water. However, if you work, live or play on the water it’s often difficult to adjust to satellite communications.

The satellite industry offers many options for phones and terminals. Most solutions will work for the leisure cruiser, but some are better than others. There are just too many options creating confusion and endless hours of internet research as to what solution works best for your boat and needs.

So the question becomes, “What is the best satellite phone and terminal for the leisure cruiser?”

Glow Iridium WiFi Terminal

At Global Marine Networks, we feel the Glow Iridium WiFi Terminal is the best solution. After all, it was developed specifically for leisure cruisers.

Easy to install, easy to use, easy to live with.

Glow gives you the full coverage of the Iridium satellite network with the power of RedPort hardware and services.

Satellite-optimized voice, email, weather forecasts, social media and location sharing are at your fingertips. Glow saves you airtime, money and connects you as simply as possible. Plus, Glow is the world’s only marine-dedicated satellite phone with access to Iridium’s best service plans, including Unlimited and Double Data.


Glow uses your existing smartphone, WiFi phone, or standard telephone (with an optional adapter.) Glow’s phone exchange will place calls from one end of the vessel to the other, or around the world via Iridium’s global satellite network.


Glow allows access to optimized email, PredictWind Lite weather and wave forecasts, photo sharing, posting to your friends and family on Twitter and Facebook, and more, all with the XGate or Iridium Mail & Web apps.

Vessel Tracking

With Glow, you can share your location with friends and family with RedPort Vessel Tracking service. Glow enables tracking data using a GPS built directly into the dome. RedPort Vessel Tracking provides a friendly web portal making it easy for you and others to see your trip.


Glow’s built-in WiFi capabilities make it easy to connect ALL your devices to one simple hub. Enjoy the comforts of using your smartphone or tablets along with your laptops. Glow is compatible with Mac, PC, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod), and Android.

Best of All, It’s Built for Boats

Glow is constructed with a  single durable dome measuring only 7.28 inches in Diameter. The dome easily mounts outside, giving you maximum GPS and Iridium Network performance. An Ethernet cable provides power and optional connectivity.

Where Can I Find the Glow?

At Global Marine Networks, we offer the Glow Iridium WiFi Terminal as a stand alone unit or as a savings bundle. The savings bundle includes everything the leisure cruiser needs for your next voyage:

  • Glow Iridium WiFi Terminal
  • 6 Months of XGate Email
  • 6 Months of PredictWind Lite
  • 1 Month of Iridium Glow Unlimited Airtime
  • 12V Power Adapter

Should you have any questions or need additional information regarding the Glow or satellite communications needs please feel free to get in touch with one of our top-notch satellite communications experts at or by calling us at 865-379-8723.


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