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Optimizer vs. AxcessPoint

Optimizer vs. AxcessPoint

This video compares the Iridium AxcessPoint WiFi Device and the Optimizer, which were both developed by Global Marine Networks. Luis Soltero, CTO for Global Marine Networks, describes the similarites and differences between the two devices that are designed to optimize satellite phone data and satellite terminal data communications.

The SIMILARITIES in the AxcessPoint and Optimizer include:
1. USB Ports to allow direct connection of satellite phones for data transmission
2. WiFi Hotspot connections to eliminate USB driver installation requirements and associated tech support
3. Firewall functions to maximize bandwith usage
4. Require special software

The DIFFERENCES in the AxcessPoint and Optimizer include:

Price – Iridium AxcessPoint is $179 and Optimizer is $149

Device satellite phone compatibility – AxcessPoint supports Iridium 9575 Extreme and Iridium 9555. Optimizer supports virtually any satellite phone or satellite terminal including new and old Iridium models, Inmasat including the IsatPhone Pro, Globalstar, Thuraya and more.

Email software requirements – Iridium AxcessPoint uses AxcessPoint Mail and Web, a branded version of GMN XGate satellite phone email and is free. Optimizer uses XGate satellite phone email and costs approximately $20 per month. Note: XGate also runs on the Iridium AxcessPoint WiFi Device.

MAJOR DIFFERENCE: AxcessPoint Mail & Web uses only satellite airtime to check and send email (more expensive) while XGate satellite phone software allows land based Internet access to check email (much less expensive).

Battery availability, capacity and voltage differences – AxcessPoint requires 5 volts DC in. So if running this on a 12 volt system in boat or car, it requires an adapter. The battery in the AxcessPoint will last about 1 hour when using a 9575. Optimizer runs on 12 volts and can be used with any 12 volt cigarette lighter adapter or hardwired into the vessel. The Optimizer battery (optional) will power the phone and the device and keep it charged for 2.5 hours.

Either device is highly recommended. If you have a 9575 Extreme or Iridium 9555 you can use either device . If you have something other than Iridium, for example an Iridium phone and a Beam Docking Station, you need an Optimizer because Optimizer supports virtually all satellite devices including older and new Iridium phones, Inmarsat including IsatPhone Pro, Globalstar, Thuraya and more. Iridium AxcessPoint only supports the 9575 Extreme or Iridium 9555.

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