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Optimizer Satellite Phone WiFi Hotspot Firmware Update [With Video]

Optimizer Satellite Phone WiFi Hotspot Firmware Update [With Video]

Are you saving big bucks on your satellite airtime with Optimizer? If so – hooray! You understand how great it is to use your iPad, iPhone, or Android phone or tablet over your satellite feed.

(If not, you might want to check out how Optimizer and XGate can get you the compression, speed, and savings you want from your wifi satcom setup).

Optimizer Satellite WiFi HotspotLike any piece of advanced technology, Optimizer works best when it’s running the most current firmware update. These updates work out any bugs that may have popped up in past versions, continue to ensure compatibility with your satellite phones and terminals, and generally make sure everything is still working like it should.

We frequently get asked how to update the firmware, and we’ve made it as easy as possible.

So easy, we recorded the whole process and can now officially say that it will not take you longer than 10 minutes to update your firmware.* (If something happens in the updating process that is not outlined in the videos, shoot us an email at We’ll make sure to include it and help you work through the problem).

This particular update fixes signal monitoring issues that some older satphones (the Iridium 9505, Iridium 9500, and older versions of the Iridium 9522 series) have when operating with Optimizer and Xgate.

Even if this issue doesn’t affect your Optimizer use at all, you can use the steps taken here as a template for how to install any firmware update in the future. 

So without further ado:

Optimizer Satellite Wifi Hotspot Firmware Update Tutorial

 *10 minutes from start to finish absolutely not guaranteed if you are trying to download the update over your satellite feed. This is highly not recommended unless you like waiting for hours, and hours, and hours and paying big buckeroos to do so.

Unless you are running a broadband satellite system with an unlimited data plan, we suggest doing all updates over your internet connection at home or port. 

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