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Optimizer Crew Satellite WiFi Router Training

Optimizer Crew Satellite WiFi Router Training

Learn how to configure a RedPort Optimizer Crew satellite router in this walk-through of the Optimizer Crew Admin interface.

Optimizer Crew is a satellite Wi-Fi Router and hotspot that lets users get the most out of their satellite broadband data service with satellite crew email and satellite internet. Optimizer Crew offers powerful features and services that help users save airtime and increase satellite data speeds. A satellite captive portal lets users share data access by username or by prepaid satellite data service PIN codes; Satellite data compression service provides 3-5x average speed increases for satellite web, a proxy server lets installers created virtually unlimited configurations; POP/SMTP satellite email server offers 20x average compression speeds, and GPS Tracking and NMEA GPS repeating is also available. It also includes a full featured satellite firewall.

This detailed session is designed for installers, dealers and networking professionals. Motivated users with a technology background may also find it of interest.

Learn More About Optimizer Crew

You can learn more about Optimizer Crew, including pricing and technical specs, by visiting the Optimizer Crew page.

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