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Optimize IsatPhone Pro Satellite Phone Data

Optimize IsatPhone Pro Satellite Phone Data

IsatPhone Pro Satellite Data at Sea

Recently a new cruiser came to us who needed satcom data (marine weather, email and satellite Internet) for his first blue-water cruise. He had already purchased an IsatPhone based on the handset cost. (See our blog post comparing IsatPhone Pro and Iridium pricing for downloading GRIB files)

Does IsatPhone Pro Data Work? 
However, he had heard the IsatPhone Pro was very difficult to set up for data and that data just didn’t work well on the IsatPhone Pro. We’ve worked with many customers since the launch of IsatPhone data service last year, and well, it hasn’t always been as easy as with other satellite phone data services. Driver issues are more common, and uncompressed speeds are slower. Plus, there was no way to use an iPad.
But tens of thousands of IsatPhones are in use, and email is the most efficient way to communicate when you’re out there. Plus, we have had success with email using the XGate service. So we knew there had to be a way to make IsatPhone data service sing.

Yes! Email and Weather via IsatPhone 
IsatPhone Pro Satellite Phone Data Optimization Tip: Get an Optimizer

There is a way to make IsatPhone Pro data service work for email and weather, easily, reliably and quickly: Optimizer

Optimizer is a small Wi-Fi hotspot with a built in firewall that stops all unwanted data requests from a user’s computer. It creates a Wi-Fi hotspot to easily connect with virtually any modern computer or iOS device, eliminating setup and support issues otherwise common with IsatPhone Pro data.
Optimizer works wonders with IsatPhone data service for compressed email when using XGate service. XGate also handles the phone connection: dialing, monitoring the satellite phone signal, and hanging up calls as needed.
IsatPhone and wXa102 for GRIBS at sea. JPG

END RESULT:  The myth that IsatPhone Pro is difficult for data is debunked – when you Optimize. Set up is easy (no USB driver problems!) and email zips. 

Optimizer and XGate make email easy and fast on the IsatPhone Pro. Even though it is still slower than other services, for emails, one could live very happily with an IsatPhone Pro.

TAKE AWAY: With Optimizer and XGate, IsatPhone Pro data is now an easy, fully functioning satellite phone option for satellite email and weather at sea.

MORE INFO: Learn how to compare data airtime costs for IsatPhone Pro and Iridium handhelds.  You will also want to consider the peripherals such as antennas and docking stations before you have the complete financial picture.

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