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Ocens to Offer WebXaccelerator Satellite Router with Access Control, Developed by Global Marine Networks

Ocens to Offer WebXaccelerator Satellite Router with Access Control, Developed by Global Marine Networks

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OCENS To Offer webXaccelerator Satellite Router With Access Control for Maritime Communications, developed by Global Marine Networks

Global Marine Networks collaboration yields new products to help satellite phone users save money and gain more productivity from satellite airtime

SEATTLE, WA DECEMBER 20, 2010 – OCENS, Inc. a leading provider of satellite data services for the maritime industry, and Global Marine Networks, the leaders in advancing satellite data speed and services, today announced the availability of the OCENS webXaccelerator Satellite Router with Access Control. The webXaccelerator is designed to help customers save time and money while getting more productivity from their satellite airtime for ship-to-shore and remote communications in the commercial fishing, marine transport, cruise ship, offshore oil rig, and first-response communications coordination markets.

“As a leader in satellite email and data communications for the maritime industry, our customers come to us for ship to shore communications they can rely upon. webXaccelerator lets them make the most of their valuable satellite airtime to keep their businesses running, or to stay in touch with friends and family while at sea,” said Mark Freeberg, President of OCENS. “By working with Global Marine Networks, developer of the webXaccelerator, we can give our customers state-of-the-art satellite data services with the customer service and industry knowledge for which OCENS is famous..”

The OCENS webXaccelerator is a satellite router with access control and data compression that gives unprecedented control to any broadband satellite installation. The webXaccelerator router can be used to address common satellite communications installation situations: create a satellite-based Internet café; generate new revenue or control shared usage through user-defined access codes for clients, crew or passengers using a single data feed; and solve installation challenges through load-balancing and on-the-fly failover between satellite connections. On a ship, offshore oil rig, or any land-based situation that requires shared access to a satellite data feed, the webXaccelerator provides the following features:

  • Up to five times faster data speeds than uncompressed rates
  • Usage controls can limit groups or individual users by allowed connection duration, speed, megabytes, or web site white/black listing
  • Bandwidth shaping ensures sufficient resources remain for vessel business even when offering connectivity benefits to crew and guests
  • Access codes let vessel owners generate new revenue by sharing or selling unique access codes to crews, clients or passengers
  • Firewall filtering by MAC or TCP/IP address and/or port number provide advanced controls
  • Seamless failover service redirects data feeds giving users the ultimate reliability of changing between different satellite networks on the fly
  • Shared onboard caching provides fast load times for commonly visited sites
  • No expensive land-based server required

The OCENS webXaccelerator works with every major satellite data service provider including Inmarsat, Iridium, Globalstar, Thuraya, MSAT, VSAT systems, or any IP-based connection. It works at all data rates above 2.4KBps, and is specifically designed for the new generation of higher-speed satellite data systems such as Inmarsat FleetBroadband and Iridium OpenPort.

OCENS and Global Marine Networks have partnered in the past to offer OCENS Mail, a complete satellite phone email service and WeatherNet, an on demand software service for the world’s most comprehensive ocean weather and oceanographic data.

The OCENS webXaccelerator is available immediately from

About OCENS, Inc.
OCENS data services and software merge easy-to-use applications with unprecedented content offerings to affordably deliver data to remote users around the world. Using patented pull-me technology, OCENS WeatherNet provides fast access to the world’s widest selection of weather and ocean information. GRIB Explorer is the first robust viewer for highly compressible, next generation gridded environmental content. OCENS Mail accelerates the transfer of email over wireless phone connections while OCENS XWeb provides fast wireless web browsing with up to a 10x improvement in speed through customer satellite equipment. These services have been bundled in strategic partnerships with some of the leading nautical software and satellite providers in the world such as Nobeltec, B&G, Expedition, Globalstar, Sailfast, GMN and Sattrans. OCENS augments its software core with satellite equipment and airtime solutions it provides in cooperation with all the major satellite providers.

About Global Marine Networks, LLC.
Global Marine Networks (GMN), the leaders in advancing satellite data speeds and services, helps Fixed and Mobile Satellite Services providers and their customers by offering the industry’s fastest, most reliable and easy-to-use email, web, and other hardware and software services to maritime, oil and gas, first responder and business continuity users. The company’s products include high-speed satellite email, weather and oceanographic data software, satellite data control routers, vessel tracking systems, and ship to shore communications solutions for users of satellite and wireless data services.
GMN has numerous awards and certifications for technical innovation and holds pending patents on its products. For more information on how GMN is Making Airtime Count™ – whether ship to shore, or in remote or emergency communications environments visit

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