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New Satellite Phone Technology with Arctic Rowing Expedition

New Satellite Phone Technology with Arctic Rowing Expedition

Satellite Communications Powering Adventure

Throughout the years, we’ve offered our data services and satellite prowess to dozens of adventurers and groups all over the world. GMN’s newest sponsorship showcases brand new GMN satellite technology that is powering communications for a rowing expedition through the infamous Northwest Passage. It’s two men, four oars, and one amazing satellite phone terminal.

Adventure In Our Bones

It all started back in the early 90s. A young man sat in his 39 ft sailboat, bobbing off the coast of Trinidad. On his lap was a clunky laptop on which he laboriously coded software. Years later, the code he created would become StarPilot celestial navigation software – the very first product released by Global Marine Networks.

The waters off of Trinidad, you may know, are not prone to an excess of danger (although if you happen to talk to Luis or Kim Soltero – the owners of Global Marine Networks – ask them about the time they got boarded by pirates), but with the seed of adventure firmly ensconced in the heart of this company, it’s no wonder that we love supporting marine adventurers through our sponsorship program.cameron webb photo gmnmatt mcfadyen photo gmn

Since then, we’ve sponsored numerous adventurers and causes with our renowned satellite data services and equipment. From one woman rowing across the Atlantic ocean to a team of people in the most remote villages in central Africa setting up email communications with XGate. We’ve been there supporting the individuals and teams that push the boundaries of human and communications endurance.

New Satellite Technology from GMN

With that background, you can see why we are particularly proud of our most recent sponsorship. The Beyond the Circle expedition combines the thrill of on-the-edge-of-your-seat sailing with the technical prowess that we’re happy to be renowned for.

Matt McFadyen and Cameron Webb will row a 17-ft row boat through the infamous Northwest Passage. This 2,000 mile long journey northwards towards the arctic circle will take them through ice-choked waterways, untouched islands, and past some of the most pristine vistas on the planet.

Over the course of the next three months, as Matt and Cam make their journey, we’ll keep you updated with their travels, the kind of services we provide that make it possible for them to stay in contact, and how their expedition (the first of its kind) is the perfect platform to reveal our newest product from our RedPort division (also the first of its kind): Aurora Iridium Marine Terminal

We’re almost there. Stay tuned.

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