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New Long Range WiFi Extender System Simplifies Marina WiFi Connectivity

New Long Range WiFi Extender System Simplifies Marina WiFi Connectivity

RedPort Halo Long Range WiFi ExtenderIntroducing the RedPort Halo long range WiFi extender system – brand new from RedPort!

With the RedPort Halo System you can capture long distance WiFi from up to 7 miles away in perfect conditions. RedPort Halo users routinely capture signal from several miles away and are able to boost the WiFi connection back to their location.

The RedPort Halo system has the most powerful WiFi antenna under US and European law, and pairs with the RedPort Optimizer to create a single hub for all of your communication needs. For marine WiFi extension, the RedPort Halo system allows you to connect to long range marina WiFi accesspoints while providing a single onboard hotspot for your WiFi, satellite, GSM, and NMEA connections.

The Complete RedPort Halo System

The RedPort Halo system is comprised of the following components:

  • Long Range WiFi Extender Antenna
  • RedPort Optimizer WiFi Hotspot and Firewall

The complete system costs $349. If you already have a RedPort Optimizer, you can add the WiFi antenna by itself for only $199.

You can purchase the system in our online store here.

RedPort Halo Video Series – What It Is, How To Set It Up, and How To Use It

The Halo System is easy to install, easy to use, and provides excellent long range WiFi extension and boosting to help you stay connected – even from miles away.


RedPort Halo Optimized Internet

You can quickly enable or disable the firewall on the RedPort Halo system. Using the firewall in conjunction with RedPort optimization services like XGate and XWeb means that you can get incredibly powerful compression and acceleration of your Internet connection.

XWeb compression web-browsing accelerates your web-browsing by a factor of 3 to 5, which means that what could be a slow marina WiFI (being clogged up by many different users) becomes a fast connection optimized just for you.

XGate compression email was designed to make satellite connections go faster. With the ability to compress emails up to 95% of their original size, XGate makes your email usage as optimized as is possible.

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