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New IsatPhone Pro Firmware Update

New IsatPhone Pro Firmware Update

IsatPhone Pro Firmware Update 5.5.1Back in January, Inmarsat released news that any IsatPhone Pro that hadn’t upgraded to firmware version 5.3.0 or above would cease to work with the new network improvements scheduled for later this year.

(Read the blog post on that subject here).

Following in the vein of upgrades, Inmarsat has just released an even newer version of IsatPhone Pro firmware, version 5.5.1, available on the Inmarsat support site here.

Firmware version 5.5.1 supersedes the mandatory firmware version 5.3.0 that was released a year ago in 2013.

The operational changes to the network are currently scheduled for November 28th, 2014.

You can check if you have the latest version on your IsatPhone Pro, by going to Menu > Settings > About > Firmware version.

Please note that the Inmarsat firmware update tool is for Windows systems only. Please contact us for information regarding upgrading on Mac or Linux machines.

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