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New GMN Iridium GO! Unlimited US Number Satellite Airtime Plan

New GMN Iridium GO! Unlimited US Number Satellite Airtime Plan

As of October 2018, Global Marine Networks has a brand-new and industry disrupting Iridium GO! Unlimited US Number Plan. We’ve reformulated the way our customers benefit from postpaid airtime with lower costs, flexible terms, easy suspensions, and a free US +1 local phone number.

Why is this a big deal?

The GMN Iridium GO! Unlimited US Number Plan gives you more from your satellite service by using the Pivotel Network! As part of the Pivotel Network, GMN’s US Number Plans use standard US +1 geographic numbers, not international satellite phone numbers that are hard to remember, harder to use, and more expensive to call. GMN’s geographic numbers are based on your home or business address. Best of all, when friends, family, or businesses call they only pay standard US domestic rates. This compares with the cost to call satellite numbers (the numbers provided by other satellite companies) which can be up to $11.49 per minute to call.

Concerned about the number of months you will utilize the service?

GMN’s US Number Plans allow you to suspend your service when you’re not using it for $5 per month. If you chose an Iridium GO! Unlimited US Number Plan on a 12-month term, any period of suspension will only extend your term by the number of months suspended. A GMN US Number Plan service can be unsuspended at anytime. This allows you to avoid high disconnection fees and keep your phone number unlike other plans available.

Is your business calling?

Calls can be made to the Iridium GO! Unlimited US Number Plan from a PBX or carrier line with international call restrictions when international satellite numbers would normally be blocked.

Always Free Test and Customer Care Calls.

Call our friendly US based Customer Care Team on +1-865-379-8723 from your satellite phone free of charge. Test your satellite phone by calling our free test call service on +1-302-260-TEST free of charge. The test call service gives you peace of mind knowing your service is working.

How much is the GMN Iridium GO! Unlimited US Number Plan?

Monthly Access Fee: $135.00
Monthly Included Value: $50.00 (Incoming or Outgoing Calls to US, Canada, Mexico, and 78 other countries)
Outgoing Cost Cost (per minute) to USA and 80 Other Countries (per minute): $1.09
Incoming Call Cost (per minute): $1.09
Iridium GO! Data Call Using Iridium GO! App: Unlimited
Outgoing SMS: Unlimited
Note: There is no minimum term if you choose to pay a $50 activation fee. The minimum cost will be one month’s access fee + $50 activation fee.

Sound like a good plan to you? Check out the brand new GMN Iridium GO! Unlimited US Number Plan

(For a more comprehensive look at the GMN Iridium GO! Unlimited US Number Plan, take a look at this brochure).

Compatible Equipment

GMN Iridium GO! Unlimited US Number plan works with the following satellite phone:
Iridium GO!

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