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Network Maintenance Bulletin – Thursday May 2nd

Network Maintenance Bulletin – Thursday May 2nd

Please be advised that maintenance will be performed on some GMN data network connection for Inmarsat services on Thursday May 2nd starting at 18:00 UTC and lasting until 19:00 UTC. During this time you may experience a 10-second service outage for packet-switched data users of Inmarsat BGAN, FBB, M2M, Fleet One and IsatHub services.

The service outage event may cause a brief interruption in traffic flow for all active packet-data-protocol (PDP) contexts on the Inmarsat network.

This is a minor maintenance event that requires restarting systems to deploy updated control software.

If you experience any service disruptions power cycle your equipment and start a new data session.

We recognize the impact of outages on your business operations, and so all efforts will be made to minimize the duration of this service outage.

If you have any questions about this outage, please direct them to our Customer Support team e-mail or +1-865-379-8723.

Please find below the maintenance schedule and the list of affected services:

Planned Start Time: Thursday, May 2nd 18:00 UTC
Planned End Time: Thursday, May 2nd 19:00 UTC
Reason for Notice: Maintenance on the Network Innovations POP
Services Affected: Packet-switched data on the following services:
Inmarsat BGAN, FBB, M2M, FleetOne and IsatHub
Spots/Satellites Affected: All
Regions Affected: Global

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