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Iridium SIMs for Use in Russia Need To Be Registered

Iridium SIMs for Use in Russia Need To Be Registered

News from Iridium reveals a new policy for Iridium SIM cards being used in Russia.

Using an Iridium Satellite Phone in Russia

As of February 3, 2014, all new SIMs being used within Russia will need to be registered at in order to enable communications.

The registration information is very basic requiring only name and nationality plus equipment information — MSISDN, IMEI and ICCID.

Unregistered SIM Cards for Iridium Satellite Phones Will Not Work in Russia

Any SIM activated after February 3 and that has not been registered will not work within Russia. Any end-user attempting to utilize an unregistered SIM that is effected by this policy within Russia will receive a voice prompt when they try to place a call within Russia, which will direct them to the website or their provider in order to quickly register and restore service.


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