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Iridium GO! Expected Release Date Pushed Back Until June 2014

Iridium GO! Expected Release Date Pushed Back Until June 2014

Iridium Go Satellite WiFi, VoIP, Apps, and Email

Iridium recently revised the expected release date of their brand new satellite phone WiFi hotspot: The Iridium GO! Previously thought to be released in early May, they have revised their estimated expected release date to mid-to-late June, 2014.

This is not an official release date for the Iridium GO! At this time Iridium has not released a firm date for release for this product.

If you need a satellite system earlier than mid-to-late June, you may want to consider upgrading to a similar product that is available now. The RedPort Aurora, for example, provides the same VoIP, email, tracking, and convenience of the GO! in a rugged dome – perfect for fixed and maritime use. The RedPort Aurora is available immediately for shipment.

If you are looking for a portable satellite phone, you might want to consider an Iridium 9555 and an Optimizer Satellite WiFi Hotspot. This combination has the same voice quality, data speeds, and the ability to use your smartphone, tablet or computer via Wi-Fi as the Iridium GO!. The 9555 remains a very reliable satellite phone with worldwide coverage.

Please note that not all Iridium rate plans are available with all hardware, and Iridium may change rate plans in the future.

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