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Iridium Direct Internet Changes in 2016

Iridium Direct Internet Changes in 2016

Iridium is changing its legacy Direct Internet service in October of 2016.

This change has no effect on users of XGate satellite data services or its many variations, including Iridium Mail & Web.

Direct Internet is an older service, and this change gives customers an alternative in place of the prior service which was discontinued.

Below are the highlights of the change as described by Iridium:

  • Iridium Direct Internet is a data acceleration solution that is offered to handset and 9522B (LBT’s and Fix Iridium Phones – like Sailor, Beam, ASE ) users that decreases the amount of time it takes to browse or transmit data.
  • The current software solution is SlipStream – a package that has gone end-of-life and will cease to be supported at the end of October 2016.
  • Iridium Engineering has developed a replacement solution for Iridium Direct Internet. The replacement software is from Riverbed Software and is the “Steelhead” platform.
  • If users have the ‘original’ Direct Internet from Slipstream installed, they will need to uninstall that software and install the new Steelhead client.
  • The Slipstream software will cease to function in the month of October. Most users will not be able to use the software after October 31st.


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