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Iridium AxcessPoint Mail & Web now available

Iridium AxcessPoint Mail & Web now available

Iridium has just announced the availability of Iridium AxcessPoint Wi-Fi device and AxcessPoint Mail & Web.

People everywhere are moving beyond the reach of traditional networks, and they expect their connected experience to travel with them. Iridium’s ongoing innovation in real mobile, real global communication is helping make more of these connections that matter – across the entire surface of the planet, in ways never thought possible.

Iridium has a unique vision for using the power of the world’s furthest reaching network to bring extended and enhanced personal communications to people and organizations, everywhere.

Iridium has developed a new suite of Wi-Fi-enabling accessory and software solutions giving people the ability to use smartphones, tablets and laptops far beyond the reach of existing terrestrial networks. Designed to connect to your Iridium satellite phone and establish an Internet connection wherever you are in the world, these products are extending communications capability like never before.

Iridium AxcessPoint Mail & Web offers customers an enhanced user experience. The Iridium AxcessPoint Mail & Web software is included with the Iridium AxcessPoint accessory or can be downloaded from and optimizes the connection to enable up to 15x faster email connections and up to 5x faster web browsing than using the Iridium AxcessPoint accessory alone.

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