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Iridium Announces New Enhancements for GO!

Iridium Announces New Enhancements for GO!


Iridium just announced some great new updates for their GO! terminal. GO! is a great choice for folks who move from place to place, need the absolute lowest cost choice, or can’t install anything on their vessel.

For boaters who have a little more flexibility and want some advantages for installation, durability and performance, we give the nod to our own Iridium-based terminal RedPort Glow. It’s all the goodness of GO! plus a little more.

But for casual users, it’s hard to beat the GO! for the price, and Iridium just made it even more compelling with some nice additions and upgrades to their hardware and software:

Fixed Antenna Installation Kit

PredictWind Wind Forecasts GRIBs

Free PredictWind subscription for graphical weather forecasting

Maritime environmental certifications (IEC 60945)

Simplified Crew calling instructions on how to use the Iridium GO! App’s automated dialing feature

Next, to make the Iridium® Mail & Web App user experience more consistent with the Iridium GO! App user experience, Iridium added a new connection status bar that will appear on the top of the screen when the Iridium Mail & Web App user initiates a connection with the Iridium network or wants to verify that the App is paired properly to the Iridium GO! using their device’s WiFi connection.

Iridium also made PredictWind Lite (a Global Weather and Sailing App) available to Iridium Mail & Web App users at no charge (a $99 per year retail value). The Iridium Mail & Web App user only needs to download the PredictWind Offshore application and enter their Iridium Mail & Web login credentials to receive the benefit of single sign-on access.

The new Iridium Mail & Web App release allows users to more seamlessly integrate the use of their Iridium GO! with their primary email account. Users can enter their primary email account address in the new “Reply to Email” setting and then forward their emails to their Iridium Mail & Web account. Replies will automatically go back to the user’s primary email account, making their emails more seamlessly accessible to them following their use of Iridium GO!

In late June, Iridium also introduced a new registration site for Iridium GO! users that will allow them to set-up an Iridium Mail & Web account, set-up their Facebook access, and utilize several self-service features enabling users to better control their use of Iridium GO! The two new features include:

  • A Registration feature that restores Facebook functionality for Iridium Mail & Web by linking the accounts together so posts from the user’s Iridium Mail & Web App are posted to their Facebook account.
  • A “Purge Inbox” feature that allows users to clean-up their Iridium Mail & Web account. Previously this functionality was only available through Iridium’s Tier 2 customer support group.

To access all of the latest Iridium products, airtime and services, visit the Global Marine Networks website at

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