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How To Use XGate Satellite Email – New Videos!

How To Use XGate Satellite Email – New Videos!

You asked for it…a video on how to use XGate Satellite Phone Email Service. We’ve delivered.

Watch as Dr. Luis Soltero demonstrates XGate, using the new GMN Optimizer to WiFi connect with an IsatPhone Pro handheld satellite phone.

Do you have an Iridium 9555 or Extreme 9575 instead? No worries, this video series is neither satellite phone nor computer specific. All satellite phone owners including Iridium OpenPort, Inmarsat FleetBroadband, Globalstar and Thuraya users will find useful information here. In addition, XGate is compatible with Windows OS, Mac OSX, Linux, Apple iOS (i.e. iPad, iPhone, iPodTouch) and Android smartphones.

These new videos explain:

  • how to register for XGate satellite email service
  • how to download and install XGate software on your computer
  • what is a firewall and why it is important when using your satellite phone
  • how the Optimizer can save you valuable satellite airtime
  • how to create and send/receive email in iScribe, the built-in email component
  • how to update your Twitter account (or FaceBook or LinkedIn) with your satellite phone
  • an email session in real time

Watch and enjoy!

Part 1: Download, Install, Register XGate Satellite Phone Email


Part 2: Send/Receive Email


Part 3: Update Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn

Thank you for watching!

Click below if you would like to try XGate for yourself.  No satellite phone is necessary!


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Don’t have a satellite communication system yet? Confused about all the options? Let our experts (many of whom have spent years on the water…on boats) help you design a system to meet your needs. Click below to get started.


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