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How To Use Iridium GO! and Microsoft Windows Together

How To Use Iridium GO! and Microsoft Windows Together

Iridium GO! with Windows

Iridium GO!, that nifty little satellite phone WiFi hotspot capable of keeping you connected anywhere on earth, offers compatibility with iOS and Android. But what about Windows?

Good news! You can absolutely use your Iridium GO! with your Windows computer by simply using XGate satellite data service.

XGate Compatibility with Windows and Iridium GO!

Microsoft Windows Iridium GO!XGate actually works on all your devices – iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and tablets, Mac computers and laptops and, yes, Windows computers and laptops as well.

XGate will even work on Windows tables running the desktop version of Windows. (How can you tell if you have the desktop version? Look to see if you have a start button).

XGate is a paid subscription service with service lengths from as little as 7 days to up to 2 years. You can learn more about XGate here.

XGate Saves Money When Using Windows Computers or Laptops with Iridium GO!

Windows Satellite EmailXGate is a paid subscription service, but did you know that it can actually save a whole lot more money than the otherwise excellent Iridium Mail & Web service? (Which, incidentally, doesn’t work with Windows in any case).

This is because XGate allows you to use whatever network connection you have. Satellite, yes, of course (with tons of compression!) but also free WiFi if it’s available, cellular connections, landlines, home Internet, etc. Using Iridium Mail & Web means that you have to use your satellite airtime to check email, download weather files, and post to social media. Even if there are cheaper – or free – options available to you.

(Did you know there are many other ways XGate is a huge money saver? Check out 7 Surprising Ways XGate Will Save You Money).

How To Use Your Iridium GO! With Windows Using XGate

It’s very easy to start using your Windows laptop or computer with your Iridium GO!

  1. Choose and buy an XGate subscription plan that fits your needs.
  2. Activate your XGate subscription using the activation code you received when purchasing.
  3. Download XGate for windows.
  4. Follow the quickstart guide or walkthrough in the software to get set up.
  5. WiFi-connect your laptop to the Iridium GO!’s WiFi signal.
  6. You’re good to go! You can start doing satellite email, downloading weather GRIB files, posting to social media, blogging, and more using XGate and the Iridium GO!.

Pro tip: Did you know that XGate also works with Windows Outlook? That way you can use your Iridium GO! to check Outlook and stay connected wherever you are. (Literally. Iridium works anywhere on planet earth!)

Want to try XGate out with your Iridium GO? Try a free 3-day trial of XGate here.

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