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How to Update the Firmware of the Iridium 9555

How to determine if you need a firmware upgrade?

You will need to check to see what firmware version you are currently running. You can do this on your phone by clicking:



->phone information

You will see the current firmware version of your phone on this screen. As of June 2017, the current version is HT17001. If you have a version lower than this, you will need to upgrade your firmware.

How to Upgrade your Iridium 9555?

You will need a Windows computer running Windows XP or higher and a mini USB cable to perform this upgrade. The upgrade process can take 20 -30 minutes. Carefully follow the instructions in the PDF file included with the upgrade tool. The download also includes the drivers for your Iridium 9555.

Iridium 9555 Upgrade Tool with drivers and instructions

Note: You will need to format the address book once the update has been completed.  Enter the code *#323# and then the green call button. This will erase any entries in your phonebook and the phone will reboot. If the code is not entered the address book will not function. See the instructions that are included in the firmware file for more info on this.

Having Trouble?

If you are having difficulties doing this upgrade, Global Marine Networks can do it for you. You can contact us at and we can update your phone for $25 plus shipping.

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