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How to Escape Storms Offshore

How to Escape Storms Offshore

The unpredictable forces of nature are a boater’s worst nightmare. Strong storms and squalls can wreak havoc on your boat and safety. If caught your boat can face losing GPS, tracking, full electrical failure or even worse hull damage.

As you are planning your next voyage consider the quality of your current weather forecasting software or the lack thereof. Equipping your vessel with the right software can save you trip duration, condition hazards and more importantly passenger safety. At Global Marine Networks we recommend PredictWind Marine Weather and Wind Forecasting Software

PredictWind takes the guess work trip planning. The PWG & PWE forecast models are PredictWind models regularly perform better than the competition, showing wind weather updates every hour, with a wind speed and direction map for your entire local area. PredictWind also provides what is considered to be the best alternative forecasts for comparison, the ECMWF & GFS.

Outstanding Accuracy

PredictWind Models

PWG is PredictWind weather model that uses the NCEP global initial conditions for the model run. This model is unique and proprietary to PredictWind.

PWE is the PredictWind weather model that uses the ECMWF global initial conditions for the model run. This model is unique and proprietary to PredictWind.

The ECMWF (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts) model is highly regarded by Meteorologists and top Navigators around the world. The ECMWF HRES model consistently rates as the top global weather model from a national weather service with the highest rating scores. In March 2016 ECMWF increased the resolution of their model to a record breaking 9km resolution, which is currently the highest resolution global model available. ECMWF data has a very high acquisition cost, and this is why the data is not widely used by many weather websites and has been traditionally used only by top yacht racing teams and meteorologists.

The GFS (Global Forecast System) Model from NCEP is the most widely used data source as it is free of cost, and a good model. The models is run at 25km resolution globally, which is not enough resolution to predict local geographically and thermal effects such as sea breezes.

Available PredictWind Features

Departure Planning

What is the best day for depart on your next trip coastal or offshore passage? You will be spanning different weather patterns, and this powerful tool will quickly summarize the wind conditions you will receive if you left on Day1, Day2, Day3, or Day4. Simply drag the start and destination waypoints on the Google Map, the weather routing algorithm will calculate the fastest route (avoiding the land) and summarize the forecast wind data for the next 4 days of departure.

Weather Routing

Simply drag the start and end waypoints on the Google map, and the PredictWind server will calculate the fastest route or the most comfortable route for your boat using the high-resolution 1km-8km or the global 50km resolution forecasts. The comfortable route allows you to avoid sailing upwind in strong winds. You decide your tolerance level, and the PredictWind routing algorithm will do its best to avoid these areas. You simply need to select a polar curve that matches your boat or customize your own polar curve and the optimal route is calculated for all 4 forecasts.

PredictWind With XGate

PredictWind Lite is a complimentary add-on XGate Satellite data services. Using XGate compression, you can download rich GRIB files and other weather data via satellite and then use PredictWind’s slick and easy-to-use interface to quickly see the weather forecasts.

Interested in starting a PredictWind or PredictWind with XGate account? Global Marine Networks offers free weather services consultations with one of our top weather services experts. Our goal is make you equipped and feel ready for your next cruise or crossing.

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