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How The RedPort Halo WiFi Extender Works At A New York Marina

How The RedPort Halo WiFi Extender Works At A New York Marina

The CTO of Global Marine Networks is currently on a boat off the East Coast of the US, testing satellite equipment (it’s working well) and running the RedPort Halo WiFi Extender through its paces.

Spoiler Alert: it’s working great.

A recent email from Dr. Luis Soltero details how the connectivity is at a busy marina on a Saturday, both before and after using the Halo system.

We are anchored about 500 yards from the Yacht Club in Port Washington NY on the south side of Long island. The Club offers free WiFi to its guests which is really nice. The WiFi is not very strong but the signal is strong enough for me to connect to it directly with my mac.

Unfortunately, the signal fade is so bad that the internet is unusable. I eventually was able to start a speed test using but it timed out. Basically the Internet is unusable.

Marina WiFi Booster

I then fired up the RedPort Halo. You will see that the extender sees the club’s WiFi with 100% signal strength. I got connected to the WiFi right away and the page come up right away. I ran two tests back to back and got 5 mbps down and about 3 up. The speed we are seeing is caused by contention for the wifi. It’s Saturday afternoon and the anchorage is full. So there are quite a few people using the WiFi.

I have seen over 10Mbps using the WiFi extender connected from where we are to the Club. So… i know that the speed limitations we are seeing are not caused by signal drop.

Anyway… the WiFI here is working very well. We can do business and watch movies.

Bottom line… without the WiFI extender we would not be have WiFi Internet access in this anchorage. With the RedPort Halo Extender we have awesome WiFi!

BTW. this email is being sent to you through the Yacht Club WiFi.

RedPort Halo boat installationLuis’ experience is a common one for RedPort Halo users. And since he’s also using XWeb accelerated web browsing to speed up his connection, he’s got an extra leg up over everyone else in the marina using the WiFi.

As you can see from the picture to the right, Luis installed the RedPort Halo system on the top of the pilot house to increase line-of-site with the WiFi accesspoint on land and boost overall connectivity.

When asked what he recommends as the best place to install the RedPort Halo WiFi Extender antenna, he said, “You want to mount it fairly high so there are no obstructions between it and the shore based access point. The antenna should be mounted on antenna arch on the back of the boat, on top of a pilot house, on top of a mast. Some place high that has a full 360 view of the surroundings.”

You can learn more about how the RedPort Halo system can enhance your boating experience here!

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