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OCENS GRIB Explorer Bathymetry

Bathymetry is now embedded in OCENS GRIB Explorer software and no longer available as an add-on module. GRIB Explorer is now available for Windows OS and Mac OSX.

Use GRIB Explorer and ocean bathymetry to layer surface currents and mixed layer depths in relation to ocean depth. Relate sea surface heights and temperatures to ocean ridges and valleys. Find ocean shelves and slopes. No matter what or where, OCENS GRIB Explorer Bathymetry can address your need for a better than birds-eye view of the prevailing ocean conditions as they relate to or are affected by ocean bathymetry data.

Digital ocean bathymetry data offers a new perspective to the old challenge of accurately measuring the depth of the ocean. Collected via acoustic and satellite measurements, then synthesized with computer technology, digital bathymetry data provides a startlingly reliable rendering of offshore ocean depths. OCENS' Bathymetry modules make these data available as components to its popular GRIB Explorer weather and ocean data viewing software.

Digital Bathymetry modules for GRIB Explorer continue OCENS' tradition of delivering reliable weather and ocean data at an affordable price. Add OCENS Bathymetry data to your repertoire of ocean analysis tools before you make another trip.

Of course, the GRIB ocean and weather data you view in GRIB Explorer in relation to your bathymetry information are acquired through a seamless interaction between GRIB Explorer and the OCENS WeatherNet data service. Simply select the weather or ocean data of interest to you, draw a box around the ocean region pertinent to your operation, and download. In just seconds, WeatherNet retrieves the information to your computer, then automatically terminates the connection, saving you not just precious seconds but, if conducted over a satellite phone, money as well.

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