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Gmail Via Iridium GO! How To, When To, When Not To

Gmail Via Iridium GO! How To, When To, When Not To

Iridium Go For iPhone, iPad, and Android Phone and Tablet

Iridium GO! can be used with Gmail and other email services with XGate

Iridium GO! has expanded the market for satellite email, and people naturally want to use it to check their existing email addresses like Gmail. It used to be that checking email was the first thing people wanted to do with a satellite phone after making a voice call. Now, with devices like Iridium GO! checking email is the first thing people want to do. Period.


Satellite Phone Email (and more)

XGate Satellite Data ServiceXGate makes it possible, even easy, to do things like access email over a satellite phone – and it’s the world’s most widely used suite of satellite phone data services. You might know XGate under its own name, or under names like Iridium Mail & Web for the Iridium GO!, Globalstar Sat-Fi, and many more. If you’re totally new to satellite email, learn about XGate here:


When NOT to use your Gmail over Iridium Go!

When you sign up for XGate, you get a shiny new email address, and there’s a good reason for that. Satellite data is slower and more expensive than land-based options, so it’s good to have an address just for the messages you need when you’re using satellite. Look at your email inbox for a few days – if you get 20, 50, 100 emails a day like we do, then even if all you do is download the subject line and to/from (the headers) the amount of data can cost many dollars and take many minutes to obtain. This is true with Gmail and any third-party servcice: Hotmail; Yahoo! Mail; iCloud; MSN; corporate email and more.

Hey, we love cat videos as much as anyone, but we don’t want to pay a buck a minute to download them through space.

When using satellite phones you usually are on a passage or out in the field, and you want the things you really care about:

  1. Critical emails from family, friends, and business acquaintances, NOT review requests, spam, and, um, cat videos.
  2. Weather (we’ve got you covered there, too.) 

You don’t want to have to filter through 100 emails headers to find that one GRIB file to then request a second satellite connection to receive it.

The best approach is to use 2 different email addresses.  Once that you use for your land based life (i.e. Gmail) and one that you provide to trusted friends, family, and business associates for use over a satellite link.


When to Use Your Gmail over the Iridium Go!

But sometimes you do need to check the email address you’re already using, that Gmail, Hotmail, iCloud, Yahoo, MyEmailAddressHere that you rely on.

Maybe you don’t want people to know you’re away from the office. Maybe you want it to look exactly as if you were sitting at your desk instead of sitting on the deck of your fishing boat/ remote lodge/ aircraft carrier.

Can XGate do that? Absolutely yes.


How To Check your Gmail over Satellite: The Easy Way – Email Forwarding

  1. Simply forward your mail from your other account to your XGate email address. With Gmail, for example, you can do that here:
  1. Use your email client to set the “reply to” and “from” address. This is done under the settings menu in iOS and Android and its done under File->Options->Accounts in iScribe for Mac and Windows.
  1. Enjoy the beverage of your choice. From now on every email that gets sent to GMail can be downloaded via XGate using all the acceleration and optimization that the software provides such as big mail filtering, mid file restart, highly compressed data and more.


How NOT to Check your Gmail The Hard Way – Email Fetching

There are a lot of good reasons why this is somewhat ridiculous, yet there are those who built their whole service around this. The biggest problem with this method is that you’re now double connecting via satellite, and not really saving anything. Text emails are rarely much larger than just headers – when you download the header to see which emails you want, then separately download the emails, you’re incurring extra time and expense. XGate only supports this because not external email services such as aol support mail forwarding.

So, if your preferred email service doesn’t offer forwarding, find the instructions here:

Email Fetching – getting your Gmail the hard way.

  1. register for an XGate account.
  2. configure a remote server selecting the GMail option.   This is done under Settings in iOS and Android and under the Options->Fetch Remote Mail on Mac/Windows. Older versions of XGate will also work but the following must be entered for Gmail.
  • Server:
  • Protocol: POP3
  • Port: 995
  • GMail Account: username “”
  • Gmail password “xxxxxx”
  • ssl: checked

3.  Modify settings on Gmail to allow remote access by navigating to

  • and select
  • “Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on.

4. modify google security settings by clicking the following link:

  • select “Turn on”

XGate Satellite Data ServiceXGate highly optimizes email AND forwards and fetches mail from other services, AND provides free weather, AND blogging, AND accelerated photo sharing, AND social media posting, all via satellite. Learn more about what XGate can do for you. 



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