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Globalstar Introduces Prepaid Satellite Airtime Calling Cards

Globalstar Introduces Prepaid Satellite Airtime Calling Cards

Please be advised that as of August 15th, 2016, Globalstar will no longer be offering prepaid airtime. As such, we are unable to activate or re-charge Globalstar prepaid cards. Please call for alternative plans. 

Globalstar has just introduced brand-new prepaid airtime. This is a big departure from Globalstar’s standard postpaid plans and represents a great opportunity for Globalstar users who need airtime on a seasonal basis or who don’t want to lock themselves into an annual contract.

Globalstar Prepaid Airtime

Globalstar has introduced several different prepaid airtime options. Long distance fees are built into the cost of these minutes, so there will be a fairly stable per-minute rate for prepaid airtime.

Voicemail is available with personal prepaid airtime cards, but not for shared cards.

Globalstar Prepaid Airtime Chart

Globalstar Shared Prepaid Airtime: A Great Solution for Ship Crew or Mobile Teams

A nice feature built into Globalstar’s prepaid system is the ability to purchase a shared prepaid card. This allows you to use your prepaid minutes on any Globalstar phone without touching any minutes that belong to the owner of that Globalstar phone. This means that ship crew or mobile teams without cell coverage can share one single Globalstar satellite phone amongst themselves, all with their own unique airtime. There is no need to switch out SIM cards, no need to keep complicated records on call usage – to borrow verbiage from other satellite airtime carriers, it’s prepaid pincodes with no hassle and no headache. 

This also opens up the option for remote lodges, hunting camps, or bases to provide calling options to their guests or team members without needing to figure out all the accounting behind it. 

What is the downside to shared prepaid minutes? You can’t receive incoming calls to a prepaid shared calling card. You’ll have to provide your contacts with a Globalstar phone number connected to an individual prepaid or postpaid account. 

Globalstar Prepaid Airtime Coverage Map

Globalstar has strong coverage throughout the US and Europe for its prepaid airtime, with an expected expansion into South America in late 2014. At this time, the coverage map for Globalstar prepaid airtime is not quite as expansive as that of the regular duplex Globalstar coverage map, but still provides good coverage for some of the most popular locations satellite users visit.

At this time Globalstar does not permit roaming on its prepaid airtime cards. If you think you will travel outside of the prepaid home zone (see map below) then you will probably want to invest in a postpaid plan with more global coverage.  

Globalstar Prepaid Airtime Coverage Map

When Is Globalstar Prepaid Airtime Available?

Globalstar prepaid airtime is available now! Feel free to browse through the options here or give us a call at +1.877.379.8723 (US/CA) or +1.865.379.8723 (Intl) if you have questions.

You can always drop us an email, as well.

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