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Globalstar Free Phone Promo Ends Soon!

Globalstar Free Phone Promo Ends Soon!

Globalstar Free Phone Promo

Globalstar Incoming Satellite phone callsThe Globalstar Free Phone Promo will be done at the end of the year, so you’ve only got about 4 weeks left to get your free Globalstar satellite phone.

Here’s how it works:

  • You choose your airtime plan
  • You pay us the $50 activation fee
  • You pay Globalstar for the airtime
  • You pay $0 for the satellite phone!

Qualifying Airtime Plans are as follows:

Free Satellite Phone Monthly Qualifying Airtime
Free Satellite Phone Yearly Qualifying Airtime Plans

Get Your Free Satellite Phone Now!

Globalstar Phones Are GREAT For Data!

Globalstar phones run about 4 times faster than other handheld satellite phones available on the market, which makes them wonderful devices for tethering to and doing email, very light compressed web-browsing, and downloading GRIB weather files over.

4 times faster than the competition is still pretty slow by land standards, though, so you want to make sure you’re running compression on all your traffic to save on airtime and increase your speeds.

XGate Satellite Data Service works wonderfully with Globalstar phones to help keep you connected far off the grid.

Here’s a short overview of what XGate can do for you:

Learn More About XGate Here

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