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Instructions For Free GRIB Files Provided by Global Marine Networks

Instructions For Free GRIB Files Provided by Global Marine Networks

Instructions for Free GRIB File Downloads from Global Marine Networks

Global Marine Networks (GMN) offers 7 day wind forecasts of the world as a free public service via its GRIB Mail Robot. These forecasts are generated daily for every region of the world. GRIB forecasts are based on the National Weather Service Wave Watch III model yielding highly accurate forecasts every 6 hours for up to 7 days into the future. All GRIB forecasts are delivered via e-mail and optimized specifically for low bandwidth wireless connections. You assume any and all risk associated with the use of these GRIB files.

There is NO technical support provided for these Free GRIB files. If you are looking for supported
weather information, please view the GMN Favorite Weather Data Package. It includes WeatherNet
and GRIB Explorer. WeatherNet is a subscription service designed specifically to download weather
products via wireless connections. GRIB Explorer is a sophisticated GRIB file viewer with a simple user

To receive these free GRIB files, you must have email (which is data) capability. If you will be requesting
these files over a satellite connection, we recommend you use GMN’s XGate Wireless Email software.
With its compression technology and mid-file restart you will realize significant airtime savings.

In addition, you must have a way to view these GRIB files. There may still be some free GRIB viewers
that can be downloaded off the internet; however, we recommend GRIB Explorer software for viewing
GRIB files.

If you are unfamiliar with GRIB files, please visit and
follow the link “What’s a GRIB” for more information on how and why to use GRIB data.

Instructions for Receiving Free GRIB Files from Global Marine Networks

The GMN GRIB robot generates wwave3 GRIB files if you request a custom region or a static region
which does not contain an interior body of water.

The GMN GRIB robot generates GFS GRIB files if you request any static region which contains an
interior body of water (such as the Mediterranean, Baltic, Black Sea, etc.). If you request a custom region
which contains an interior body of water, you will receive a blank file.

To Receive a Free GRIB File:

Place a valid KEY in the SUBJECT line of an email and send the email to:


Use the following examples when creating a KEY to request a GRIB file:

The Basics:

By entering the KEY alone, you will receive one email with a 24-hour forecast.

Example: Atlantic
Will return one email with a GRIB file containing a 24 hour forecast.

You can specify the time of the forecast by entering the time after the KEY on the subject line. Valid
times are 6 to 126 hours in increments of 6 hours. i.e. 12, 24, 36, 48, 72 are all valid times.

Example: Atlantic 24 48 72
Will return three 3 emails, each containing a separate forecast for the Atlantic region.
Please Note: On average, each email will be 3 – 5 Kb in size.

To perform weather animation specify 1day, 2day, 3day, 4day, or 5day worth of weather, sampled at 6
hour intervals.

Example: Atlantic 3day
Will return one compressed GRIB file, 30-40K in size that contains 3 days worth of
forecasts at 6 hour intervals.


Replace the “KEY” with the center Lat:Lon coordinates.

The syntax for custom regions is: LAT[NS]:LON[EW]:RANGE [24 48 .. | 1day | 2day …]

The RANGE is Optional and is in nautical miles. The default RANGE is 1200 nautical miles; if none is

Example: 18N:67W:600 3day
Will return a 3day forecast GRIB that is 600×600 miles centered at 18N and 67W.

Example: 55S:70W 24 48 72
Will return 3 GRIB files 1200×1200 miles centered at 55S and 70W.


Entering a number followed by the word “times” returns a GRIB file to you everyday at 5AM EST for the
number of days entered.

Example: 7times Caribbean 3day
Will return the Caribbean 3day forecast everyday for 7 days.

NOTE: “7times” must be entered as the first command on the Subject line. Entering “Caribbean 7times
3day” is incorrect. Do not put a space between the 7 and times and time must be in lower case.


To cancel a request, simply send an email with the word cancel on the subject line.

NOTE: The word cancel must be in lower case.


The more data you request the more efficient the compression.

Example: Caribbean 24 48 72
Will return 3 GRIB files, each 1.5-2K in size for a total of around 6K.

Example: Caribbean 3day
Will return 12 forecasts in one file that is 11K.

GRIB files are compressed in bzip2 format and are about 10Kb in size per day for large regions and
about 4K per day for the Caribbean. GRIB Explorer, MaxSea, MacENC, WindPlot and some other GRIB
viewer programs can display these GRIB files directly. Users of other GRIB viewing software may need a
special bunzip2 utility to unpack these files.

Note! This blog post contains instructions for download GRIB files via email, but you can download them directly from our website by visiting our free GRIB file page

Valid Region KEYS

NOTE: KEYS are case sensitive. Atlantic is correct…atlantic is wrong.


Pacific Pacific Region Forecast Data (includes Gulf of Alaska data)
Atlantic West Atlantic (US) Region Forecast Data
Canada East Canada Region Forecast Data
Caribbean Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico
Drake Drake Passage in SSAmerica
EastAtlantic East Atlantic Region Forecast Data
GreatLakes Great Lakes Region Forecast Data
NorthEurope  North Europe Region Forecast Data
Argentina Chile, Argentina Region Forecast Data
SouthAfrica South Africa Region Forecast Data
Brasil Brasil Region Forecast Data
NewZealand New Zealand Region Forecast Data
Mediterranean Mediterranean Region Forecast Data
Scandinavia Scandinavia Region Forecast Data
Barents Barent Sea Region Forecast Data
Baffin Baffin Bay Region Forecast Data
WAlaska West Alaska Region Forecast Data
Vancouver Vancouver Region Forecast Data
CentralNPacific Central North Pacific Region Forecast Data
CentralSPacific Central South Pacific Region Forecast Data
SSPacific South Pacific Region Forecast Data
CentralPacific Central Pacific Region Forecast Data
ChilePeru Chile and Peru Region Forecast Data
CentralAmerica Central America Region Forecast Data
SSAtlantic South Atlantic Region Forecast Data
Madagascar Madagascar Region Forecast Data
Indian Indian Region Forecast Data
NIndian North Indian Region Forecast Data
WKergelen West Kergelen Region Forecast Data
Kergelen Kergelen Region Forecast Data
SAustralia South Australia Region Forecast Data
IndonesiaAustralia Indonesia and Australia Region Forecast Data
IndonesiaNewZealand Indonesia and New Zealand Region Forecast Data
China China Region Forecast Data
WPacific West Pacific Region Forecast Data
NJapan North Japan Region Forecast Data
CentralAtlantic Central Atlantic Region Forecast Data


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