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Fishing in the Wind?

Fishing in the Wind?

Fishing when the wind is pushing your boat faster than you can productively fish an area? Discover the easiest way to control it.


Turbulent weather patterns coast to coast are making it difficult to predict proper conditions. The wind can bring you luck or be a curse to you when springtime fishing. In many instances, the wind could improve catch rates of certain species. Bait fish are moving faster, fish are striking and the chop makes it difficult for the fish to distinguish your baits.

Be In Control

However, the wind can impact many key fishing strategies and make it difficult for you to control your boat. This can put you and your passengers in a dangerous position. Even in fair winds, there is a solution to make your fishing trips comfortable and put you in full control, the PredictWind: Marine Weather & Wind Forecasting Software.

Weather Routing


When the wind is really gusting, making sure your trip is safe and comfortable is of the utmost importance. With PredictWind weather routing you can find the fastest yet most comfortable route for your fishing trip. Selecting the comfortable route allows you to avoid fishing upwind in stronger winds and currents. With you, in control, all you need to do is select your tolerance level and the PredictWind routing algorithm will find you the perfect route.

Departure Planning

Planning an extending fishing trip? Excited for your next offshore sail tournament? The departure planning tool can quickly provide the wind conditions you will face if you left on Day 1, 2, 3 or 4. Easily drag the start and end waypoints on the map and the weather routing algorithm will summarize the forecast wind data for the next 4 days of departure.

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Forecast Alerts

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Easily set up your perfect fishing forecast at the location of your choice. Receive email or push notifications when your ideal conditions are forecasted.

Live Wind Observations

Need real-time wind and weather conditions on the fly? PredictWind’s Live Wind Observations can instantly provide data from over 20,000 live stations worldwide.


The PredictWind: Marine Weather & Wind Forecasting Software app offers you the perfect real-time and planned trip weather forecast solution. Start taking control of your fishing trip conditions. Connect with the Global Marine Networks crew to set up your perfect weather and wind service solution.


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