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Satellite Phones Device Drivers
Windows Firewall Profiles for Satellite Phones
How To Set Up XGate for Use Without Optimizer

XGate Satellite Phone Email Service

Want more information about XGate Satellite Email Service and the amazing compression (and airtime savings) it offers? Check out the dedicated XGate info page. You can also download the free 3-day trial of XGate by going here.

XGate includes world-renowned satellite email compression software, iScribe email client, GMN USB to Serial Port Adapter Drivers and optional XWeb, Crew Accounts, and SailBlogs. This version of XGate is in English only (more languages available for download below).

XGate for Your Phone or Tablet

Optimizer Satellite WiFi Hotspot and Firewall

Optimizer is a world-renowned satellite wifi hotspot and ultimate firewall to protect your airtime bill and streamline your satellite bandwidth. For more information about Optimizer please check out the dedicated Optimizer info page.

You can check which version firmware you need to download by checking on the bottom of your Optimizer. On the top left of the label it will say, "Model: wXa-112" or "Model: wXa-102." Download the firmware version that matches your Optimizer model number.

WeatherNet - Weather on Demand Delivery Service

Get your free 3-day WeatherNet demo. Download the WeatherNet software for Windows or Mac and select "demo" option when you go to register the software. Not sure if WeatherNet is right for you? Feel free to learn more at the WeatherNet info page.

↓ Download for Windows WeatherNet 4
↓ Download for Mac

Additional Resources

  WeatherNet 4 User Guide


The best software on the market for viewing GRIB files. Once you've downloaded your GRIB files, how do you view them? GRIB Explorer does just that with the best quality, easiest interface, and most dependable service.

↓ Download for Windows
↓ Download for Mac

Additional Resources

↓ GRIB Explorer Bathemetry Module

  GRIB Explorer Quickstart Guide

OCENS MetMapper

OCENS MetMapper transforms weather maps, satellite images, and ocean charts into dynamic components of your at-sea decision-making tool box.

↓ Download for Windows
↓ Download for Mac

Device Drivers for Satellite Phones

This is the GMN modem/dial-up installer for Windows. This includes drivers for Iridium, Inmarsat, Globalstar, and MSAT phones.

↓ Download for Windows

Windows 7 Firewall Profiles

For Globalstar, Iridium, Inmarsat and MSAT phones. Configures firewall to block all outbound traffic except for XGate and XWeb. To install, use Windows control panel > firewall > advanced settings > import policy. To remove, use Windows control panel > firewall > advanced settings > restore default policy to remove

↓ Download for Windows

How To Set Up XGate for Use Without Optimizer

This is a complex setup. Optimizer was created precisely to make this entire process plug-and-play. Without Optimizer you will need to install drivers, install a modem, create a network connection, configure a firewall, and make sure that all of these steps work together. This typically takes several hours to achieve. It is not a guarantee that it will work even after all that! Due to hardware/OS limitations, some computers simply will not work without Optimizer.

  Guide To XGate Manual Dial-Up

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