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XGate Satellite Email

XGate Twitter Posting Support Discontinued

Twitter has deprecated support for TLS 1.0 (its transport layer security protocols) and updated its Application Program Interface (API) documentation to support only TLS 1.2 or higher. As a consequence of this change, XGate no longer supports Twitter posting, as […]

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Iridium To Cease Pilot Production and OpenPort Combo Plans, focus on Certus

Iridium Pilot Hardware Discontinued With the successful launch of Iridium Certus, Iridium will no longer be selling new Iridium Pilot terminals effective June 30, 2020. This notice applies only to the manufacture and sale of Iridium Pilot® equipment by Iridium. Iridium […]

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Release Note: XGate Phone for Android v4.1

App: XGate Phone for Android Software/App Version: 4.1 Release Date: June 17th, 2019 About the App XGate Phone provides satellite voice by providing end users the ability to make voice calls through your satellite phone using your Android-based mobile device. […]

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Network Maintenance Bulletin – Thursday May 2nd

Please be advised that maintenance will be performed on some GMN data network connection for Inmarsat services on Thursday May 2nd starting at 18:00 UTC and lasting until 19:00 UTC. During this time you may experience a 10-second service outage […]

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Firmware Updates Available for Iridium 9555, Iridium Extreme® and Iridium Extreme® PTT

Iridium 9555 (HT18001) This upgrade includes bug fixes to enhance the use of the handset. Download Iridium 9555 Upgrade Tool & Release Note (HT18001) Iridium Extreme® (HL18005) This upgrade includes bug fixes for overall performance improvement and stability of the […]

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Release Note: XGate 4.45 for Mac and Windows

App: XGate Software/App Version: 4.45 Release Date: 04/21/2019 About the App XGate is a suite of email, weather and social media services for satellite phone users. XGate is simply the fastest, easiest and most reliable satellite phone email available, saving […]

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Iridium Go For iPhone, iPad, and Android Phone and Tablet

Gmail Via Iridium GO! How To, When To, When Not To

Iridium GO! has expanded the market for satellite email, and people naturally want to use it to check their existing email addresses like Gmail. It used to be that checking email was the first thing people wanted to do with […]

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Iridium Go Satellite WiFi, VoIP, Apps, and Email

How To Update Your Iridium GO! Firmware

Iridium GO! has a new firmware update available (1.4.1) and what better time to learn how to update your Iridium GO! than to take the opportunity to do it together. The following steps should be used to upgrade an Iridium […]

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Inmarsat IsatPhone

IsatPhone Pro and IsatPhone 2: New Firmware Available Now!

Inmarsat has released new firmware for both IsatPhone 2 and IsatPhone Pro and are available for download from Inmarsat’s support section: Support and Downloads for IsatPhone Pro Support and Downloads for IsatPhone 2 The firmware for IsatPhone Pro (version 5.8.0) […]

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RedPort Halo Setup Video I

RedPort Halo Setup: Part I (WiFi Extender Setup and Specs)

This video walks you through the physical setup of the RedPort Halo system, from connecting the WiFi antenna to the base, where to install it on your boat, and how to connect the antenna to the RedPort Optimizer.

Presenters are Luis Soltero, CTO of RedPort Global, and Topher White, lead Technical Support for RedPort and Global Marine Networks.

Don’t forget to check out Part II of the RedPort Halo Setup to learn how to connect to the WiFi signal, set up your firewall, and use optional compression services to get the most of our your Internet connection.

See video here.

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