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What’s the difference: Wi-Fi Booster; Extender; Repeater; Antenna; Hotspot?

  People often ask us: “I’m trying to get better range from my Wi-Fi. What’s the difference between a Wi-Fi Extender, Booster and Repeater, Antenna and Hotspot for Wi-Fi?” While some people use the terms carelessly, and there is some […]

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How to Improve RV WiFi at a Campground

WiFi strength in RV parks and campgrounds can vary causing frustration and problems for many RV campers. Commonly, WiFi routers will be hosted in the main park office which tends to limit the range of coverage. Unless you are fortunate enough […]

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Tips to Test Your Satellite Phone

Global Marine Networks and Iridium value our first responders, emergency workers and others working on the front lines. We understand the importance of a user’s satellite phone and its ability to be ready to go when in life-threatening situations. That’s […]

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Fishing in the Wind?

Fishing when the wind is pushing your boat faster than you can productively fish an area? Discover the easiest way to control it. Turbulent weather patterns coast to coast are making it difficult to predict proper conditions. The wind can bring […]

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Tarpon Fever? Track Weather Patterns to Land the Silver King

South Florida Tarpon Season Increasing Charter Business Tarpon Time is heating up the waters of south Florida. Serious anglers from around the world are stacking the coastline from Fort Lauderdale to the Keys in hopes of catching the silver king. […]

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How To Update Your Optimizer and WiFi Extender Firmware

This tutorial walks through the firmware update for the RedPort Optimizer WiFi hotspot & satellite router and the RedPort Halo Long Range WiFi Extender. The step-by-step guide shows you exactly how to work with the configuration of the Optimizer satellite router and […]

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S/V Flyer Wins Newport-Bermuda Class Using XGate Satellite Data Services

Preparing Weather Forecasts for Your Next Sailing Race

Ever wondered what kind of weather and communication services a winning boat uses in a competitive sailing race? Last year S/V Flyer crew used XGate satellite data services provided by GMN for downloading weather with PredictWind, connecting with email, and […]

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Halo WiFi Extender Keeps Your RV Internet Connected

You just arrived at your campground after a 10-hour drive. You’re tired, need to unpack and settle in but you’re hungry. You reach for your laptop or iPad to look up a recipe and boom, a weak WiFi signal. We […]

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6 Industries Using Halo Long Range WiFi Extender System

With almost every industry needing wifi to share data, cost effective solutions are necessary. The Halo long-range Wifi extender system takes a weak wifi signal and boosts it, repeating it back to you up to 7 miles away in perfect conditions. […]

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Global Telesat Communications Now A Distributor for RedPort

Providing SATCOM systems for voice and data transmission, the family-run Global Telesat Communications (GTC) company has just been appointed as a European Distributor of RedPort’s satellite solutions. RedPort develops satellite products and services, including VoIP gateways (Voice-communication Internal Protocol), satellite […]

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