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RedPort Satellite Products

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  • Glow Iridium WiFi Terminal


    • Access Iridium’s best airtime plans, including Unlimited and Double Data
    • Voice Services – Your devices on your vessel
    • Data Services – Email, Weather, Vessel Tracking, and more
    • Works with smartphones, tablets, and laptops
    • Built for Boats: Durable Marine Dome installs outside for maximum performance
    • Exclusively for recreational boaters

    Looking for a commercial solution? Check out the RedPort Aurora

    Postpaid options including unlimited available here

    Price: From: $1,500.00

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  • MCG-101 Satellite Terminal & Platform


    • Iridium satellite terminal and WiFi router providing voice, text, data, tracking and more.
    • Easy machine-to-machine (M2M) integration and secure communication from remote locations to bases.
    • Versatile and configurable to specific user needs including emergency services, infrastructure and more.
    • Provides crew email, crew voice with prepaid vouchers and can be used for revenue generating crew, email and voice services.
    • Efficient tracking and monitoring of vessel activities for fleets, work boats, airplanes or vehicles.
    • Multi-user simultaneous voice, email and SMS services for crew in work groups or work camps.

    Price: $1,995.00

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  • RedPort Optimizer Vehicle Power Supply


    The RedPort Optimizer Power Supply lets you power your RedPort Optimizer Wi-Fi router with a standard 12V socket charger as found in many vehicles and vessels

    Price: $24.99

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  • Refurbished Halo Long Range WiFi Extender System


    Refurbished Halo Long Range WiFi Extender System
    Covered by GMN’s one-year manufacturer’s warranty.
    Supplies are limited.

    Price: $449.00

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  • RedPort wXa-300 Series Satellite Data Routers


    Enterprise grade satellite data router for large installations needing powerful and customizable network routing.

    Price: From: $645.00

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  • RedPort wXa-400 Series Satellite VoIP Gateway


    Enterprise grade satellite broadband VoIP gateway for fast and inexpensive satellite VoIP phone calls.

    Price: From: $1,495.00

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  • RedPort Optimizer


    Optimizer combines a satellite Wi-Fi router with a voice gateway, offering a simple but powerful solution for individuals or small vessels to get the most out of their satellite data service. Simply connect a satellite phone or satellite terminal and Optimizer will create and manage your Wi-Fi or simple Ethernet network.

    Price: From: $179.00

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  • XTracker IR Tracking Unit


    Standalone tracking unit with global coverage on the Iridium network.

    Price: From: $1,299.00

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