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Aurora: Iridium Marine Terminal for VoIP, WiFi, Data, and More

Aurora: Iridium Marine Terminal for VoIP, WiFi, Data, and More

Satellite Technology To Survive Any Weather

We recently mentioned our sponsorship of two arctic rowers. Matt and Cam dipped their oars in the water a little less than a week ago. Before they left, they went through the familiar flurry of activity making sure everything was packed and ready. As any sailor knows, the most important equipment (okay, besides the boat) is for navigation, communication, and emergency contact.

RedPort Aurora Iridium Marine Satellite TerminalTo meet all of their needs, we’ve provided them with the newest product from our RedPort division: the Aurora Iridium Marine Terminal. We’re thrilled to be able to equip them with this product, and they were thrilled to have it. After all, how many satellite phones can provide VoIP through a cell phone, WiFi hotspot, GPS tracking over iPad, data email services, single-unit installation (including power through ethernet), and can also survive arctic weather conditions in a row-boat? (Answer: none).

The Aurora Iridium Marine Terminal is the first of its kind, so it seemed fitting that Cam and Matt had it on their first-of-its-kind expedition.

Satellite Technology To Communicate

The wave of the future is undoubtably mobile. iPhones, iPads, Android tablets, phones, ect. We’ve always been on the forefront of enabling satellite communication through mobile devices (see our Optimizer for more info), and we’ve taken it even a step further with the Aurora Iridium Marine Terminal from our RedPort division.

The Aurora Iridium Marine Terminal features VoIP through a free app for your iPhone or Android phone. You simply download the app and then make calls through the WiFi VoIP of the Aurora. 

Aurora also features two different types of tracking software so that you can track your own progress on your iPad or Android tablet (many Aurora users simply navigate with this without even glancing at a GPS). You can also relay your tracking information to a unique webpage so that family and friends can track your progress.

To see the incredible tracking ability in motion, check out where explorers Matt and Cam have been on their trip so far:

Satellite Technology To Connect

The Aurora does practically everything any cruiser or vessel needs. It combines the power and versatility of an Iridium phone (with the incomparable pole-to-pole coverage it offers) with the flexibility and ease-of-use of a modern WiFi setup.

For more information on the Aurora Iridium Marine Terminal, check out the dedicated Aurora info page at RedPort Global (a Global Marine Network’s brand).

Think Aurora might be a good fit for your communication needs? Shoot us an email and let’s chat. 

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