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Aurora Iridium Marine Satellite Terminal in Action [With Pictures]

Aurora Iridium Marine Satellite Terminal in Action [With Pictures]

When Satellite Communication Goes Above and Beyond

We’ve mentioned before the arctic rowing expedition we’re sponsoring using our Aurora Iridium Marine Terminal. These two guys are rowing through the Northwest Passage, in, yes, a rowboat. Thanks to the Aurora, they’re also posting pictures, emailing, tracking themselves, and updating their blog about their journey.

And what a journey! These guys have battled sandbars, bad weather, rough seas, bad weather, exhaustion, and more bad weather. 

Take this picture below, posted to their Facebook page via XGate satellite email and data service.

beyond the circle updates facebook via satellite wifi and xgate

Makes you glad for summer.

Aurora Makes it Possible

These guys have been able to keep in communication (posting to Facebook, updating their blog, making sure their vessel is tracked, and replying to email) through the Aurora Iridium marine satellite terminal.

Here’s a picture of Matt checking email and uploading pictures on his tablet. The WiFi signal to the tablet is through the Aurora, and he is able to send email and browse the web with XGate email and data service.

The Aurora, fyi, is sitting out in the howling wind while Matt is snug inside that hut, appreciating the ability to check email without the rain pounding down on his head.

checking email on ipad with satellite email xgate

What You Need To Make It Work

Cam and Matt needed satellite communications that:

a) Didn’t take up a lot of space

b) Didn’t break the bank

c) Would provide them voice, data, tracking, and WiFi in one single unit

Aurora does it all. VoIP, data for email or web browsing, WiFi, and vessel tracking. All in one small little terminal (they mounted theirs on the bow of the boat, positioned under our spray dodger right near all the lines for the sails).

Interested in the Aurora for your marine satellite needs? Email us at We’re happy to help you out.

The journey is two thirds of the way through. One month left until they finish up. Apparently, things are getting a bit weird. (Satcom equipment still working as smooth as ever, though. Whew!)

beyond the circle updates facebook with Aurora wifi and xgate email

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