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Affordable Blue Water Cruising Satellite Communication Systems

Affordable Blue Water Cruising Satellite Communication Systems

Blue Water Cruising Communications White Paper

New choices in satellite communications, plus traditional radio technologies help Blue Water Cruisers stay in touch while on the water, according to the new white paper “Staying In Touch Offshore” from Global Marine Networks.

With satellite phone providers introducing new equipment that’s more affordable than ever, and people finding the services they rely upon on land just as indispensible on the water, there’s been a “sea change” in communications for Blue Water Cruisers and other boaters. But which services are right for you?

Whether you’re a salty live-aboard, an occasional offshore adventurer, or you spend more time thinking about your boat than being on it, a new guide to communications for boaters can help you understand how to stay in touch, including:

– Types of Communications Technologies

– HF Radio vs Satellite Phones for boaters

– Voice calling via satellite phones

– Using HF Radio and VHF radio with other boaters

– Satellite phone email

– Satellite phone data access

– Getting GRIB and other weather data files over radio and satellite phones

– Sample Equipment and Service setups for casual boaters and liveaboards

The overview will help any offshore boater get an excellent overview of everything they need to know to get started with communications. Don’t wait until the night before your first journey to figure out how to get your email from your boat – download the free guide now!

Staying In Touch Offshore: Global Marine Networks’ Guide To Blue Water Cruising Communications – How to stay in touch with the family, friends and information you need through radio and satellite voice, email and Internet services while at sea – a fast, fun and friendly overview. 


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