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GMN – A Pivotel Company

GMN is now part of Pivotel America.

The Pivotel Group, an Australian-owned international satellite and cellular communications company formed Pivotel America when it acquired GMN and its RedPort brand of satellite optimization hardware and services in 2017. Both brands continued to operate under their legacy names. In 2019, Pivotel acquired USA-based satellite companies MVS USA and Explorer satellite, to expand wholesale and retail sales in the United States, Canada, Europe and South America.  In 2020, Global Marine Networks is rebranding to Pivotel America with a new web site at

Better Connections, Everywhere.

Pivotel’s suite of satellite and mobile technologies enable remote connectivity via satellite phones, satellite data modems, personnel and asset trackers, docking kits, machine-to-machine data terminals and specialist maritime communication. Pivotel offers satellite connectivity via the Iridium, Inmarsat, Globalstar and Thuraya networks. Pivotel services provide exceptional value and functionality for satellite users – these include some of the world’s most popular satellite services:

–  TracerTrak for lone-worker and asset monitoring

–  XGate satellite services for email, weather forecasting and social media

–  RedPort CrewComm services for crew communications


GMN exclusively offers Pivotel satellite airtime, which has unique and distinctive advantages for satellite phone users.

Standard US Phone Numbers

GMN’s Local US Number plans use standard US +1 country code numbers, not international satellite phone numbers that are harder to remember, harder to use and more expensive to call. GMN’s geographic numbers are based on your home/business address.

Callers To You Pay Only Standard US Domestic Call Rates

Often calls to a Pivotel US Number satellite phone service are at no cost from within your fixed or mobile carrier’s unlimited plan. This compares with the cost to call satellite numbers (the numbers provided by other satellite companies) which can be up to $11.49 per minute to call. Source:

No Call Restrictions When Calling A GMN Satellite Phone Service From A PBX Or Restricted Line

Calls can be made to a GMN US Number satellite service from a PBX or carrier line with international calling restrictions when international satellite numbers would normally be blocked.

Keep Your Number

Seasonal user? Keep your number in the off-season for a small monthly fee and reactivate it when you’re ready without reactivation fees.

One Solution, Choice Of Satellite Technology

With GMN you get one network service but have multiple satellite technology options, providing more choices for a satellite phone fleet that meets your needs.

Make Calls Within Mixed Technology Fleets At Standard Rates

Calls between GMN US Number services connected on different satellite technologies are always charged at the standard call rates according to your plan, meaning you don’t need to worry about high calling costs between satellite technologies.

Free Calls To Customer Care
Call our friendly US based Customer Care Team on +1-865-379-8723 from your satellite phone free of charge.

Free Test Call Service
Test your satellite phone by calling our free test call service on +1-302-260-TEST, the test call service gives you peace of mind knowing your service is working.

Progressive Usage Alerts

Control your costs with free email and satellite SMS alert notifications when you exceed usage thresholds based on your plan’s included call value.

VPN Connectivity Solutions

Secure VPN options to connect satellite data directly to your corporate network.


Ship to shore network management solutions are sold by Pivotel under the RedPort Global brand name at and as white-label solutions for the world’s premier satellite data service providers.

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