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6 Reasons the New RedPort Glow Is the World’s Best Satellite WiFi Terminal for Boaters

6 Reasons the New RedPort Glow Is the World’s Best Satellite WiFi Terminal for Boaters

Life on the water is pure bliss. Staying in touch with family and friends can be troublesome. With the Glow Iridium WiFi Terminal, it’s easy to install, easy to use and most of all easy to coexist with. Here are the top 6 reasons the Glow is best in class for leisure cruisers.

1. Iridium Satellite Network

The Glow uses the Iridium satellite network providing global coverage and access to Iridium’s best airtime pricing. Glow supports an array of airtime options including prepaid, postpaid, postpaid unlimited and double-minute plans.

2. Voice

Glow allows you to use your smartphone, WiFi phone or standard phone with an optional adapter. Glow’s phone exchange will place calls from one end of the vessel to the other, or around the world via Iridium’s satellite network.

3. Data

Glow is connected to a large ecosystem of apps and services. Access compression optimized email using XGate Satellite Data services. With XGate you can compress email up to 95% of its original size, saving you time and most important airtime costs. You can even share posts and photos with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter all with XGate or Iridium Mail & Web apps. For weather, Glow supports the use of PredictWind: Marine Weather and Wind Forecasting Software. With PredictWind get a full GRIB file viewer and requester, weather routing, departure planning, and more.

4. Vessel Tracking

Want to share your location with friends and family or on your blog? Glow performs seamlessly with the RedPort Vessel Tracking Service. Using GPS built directly into the Glow dome and a friendly web portal, it’s easy for you and others to see your journey.

5. WiFi

Glow contains built-in WiFi capabilities making it easy for you to connect all of your favorite devices to one simple hub. Glow is compatible with Mac, PC, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod), and Android.

6. Built for Boats

Glow is constructed using a single durable dome. The dome can be easily mounted outside, giving you maximum GPS and Iridium performance. The included Ethernet cable provides power and optional connectivity.

How Can I Purchase a Glow?

Global Marine Networks offers the Glow Iridium WiFi Terminal as a single unit or as a savings bundle. The savings bundle includes:

  • Glow Iridium WiFi Terminal
  • 6 Months of XGate Email
  • 6 Months of PredictWind Lite
  • 1 Month of Iridium Glow Unlimited Airtime
  • 12V Power Adapter

If you have any questions or need additional information regarding the Glow Iridium WiFi Terminal or satellite communications needs please feel free to get in touch with one of our top-notch satellite communications experts at or by calling us at 865-379-8723.


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